Manufacturer of electrical devices and accessories

BMS Electric is an Algerian manufacturer of quality electrical equipment and accessories, since 2001. Leader in the field, with a long-term strategic vision and innovation at the heart of the business.

Bismi Allah Arrahmane Arrahim Welcome to the website of SARL BMS AS ELBI (BMS ELECTRIC). Since the launch of our website, we have worked tirelessly to make it a real relay that constantly informs you of the development of our Company, its values, its environment, its activities and its products. Through this site, we want to get closer to our customers, our partners and in general all our visitors. We want to inform them of our progress, the development of our products and our innovations, and listen to them to understand the specific needs of electrical equipment and meet their requirements. BMS ELECTRIC has established itself today as a large-scale company that has been able to capitalize on know-how and expertise and gain the trust of its many partners and customers. Our goal is to continue to maintain the trust of our customers by providing them with quality products at the best prices. Finally, we thank all the workers who contribute to the creation of the wealth of BMS, as well as our partners and our customers for their renewed confidence.

CEO BMS Electric

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