Who we are

BMS ELECTRIC has been involved since 2001 in the manufacture of accessories and electrical equipment.

Its highly qualified staff is distinguished by its speed of execution and its ability to meet the different requirements of these customers and provide them with a varied range of products.

After only four years of activity, the company becomes the leader of the Algerian market and its products are distributed in several foreign countries.

With the extension project, BMS plans to create around a hundred new jobs as well as several other production lines as part of the revitalization of productive potential.

The efforts of the BMS management team have brought it to the stage of an “industrial company” today a flagship of the national economy.


The managers of BMS, aware of the need to strengthen their company’s presence and increase its market share, in an environment which is becoming increasingly demanding, particularly in terms of quality and work safety, have decided to embark on certification procedures for all the products manufactured by the company.

The different certificates materialize as follows:

The BMS ELECTRIC Logo: model deposited and registered with INAPI (Algerian National Institute of Industrial Property).

All BMS products are protected by industrial property law. Each BMS product is a model deposited and registered with INAPI and therefore has a registration certificate protecting them.

BMS watches over the protection of its property rights of all its products, via a unit which constantly inspects for counterfeits.

BMS ELECTRIC products: certified by Bureau International VERITAS. The latter is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification.

BMS is a trusted partner for its customers, providing services and developing innovative solutions to reduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable development.

Production and distribution

BMS ELECTRIC  covers 90% of the national territory, thanks to its significant production capacity which has reached 130,000 unit  per day and this, thanks to its network of distributors and the means put by the Management at the service of distribution.

External market

Toujours dans sa dynamique de développement et de recherche de nouvelles opportunités et après avoir imposé son nom comme leader incontestable sur le marché national, BMS ELECTRIC se tourne vers l’exportation avec les moyens nécessaires.

En visant d’abord le marché africain, les produits de BMS ELECTRIC sont disponibles aujourd’hui dans neuf (09) pays, via ses partenaires qui sont formés et soutenus par la société.


Concerned about the satisfaction of its customers, the BMS workforce continues to innovate and launch new products and different ranges.

With more than twenty (20) ranges present on the market, users of BMS products have always been well served in terms of the choice of models and their quality. BMS continues its development by launching three (03) new more luxurious ranges and always with a very good “quality/price” ratio. By way of example, we cite the CONTINUUM, KARREA and OPTIMA ranges.

Prescription and trainings

In order to get closer to its customers (companies and individuals) and especially the professionals of tomorrow, BMS puts all the means to communicate on its products and by participating in all the events which concern its field of activity, namely:

trade fairs,
B to B meetings.

In addition, BMS  ELECTRIC regularly organizes open days within its production plants to allow trainees from the various training centers in Algeria to better know and get closer to the company. Thus training cycles and technical demonstrations are organized at the factory for visitors in order to prepare them for the use of BMS Electric products.